Hotel Benefis, Kraków
Hotel Benefis, Kraków
Hotel Benefis, Kraków
Hotel Benefis, Kraków
Hotel Benefis, Kraków

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§ 1 The object of the Regulations

  1. The regulations specifiy terms of providing the services by Hotel Benefis, responsibilities which both side are obliged to, and conditions of stay within the hotel. The regulations are an integral part of the transaction. To enter into this contract, one is required to sign up the check-in card or to make reservation, make advance or pay full charge for stay. By fullfiling above actions, the guest confirms to learnt about and accepcted the terms of the regulations.
  2. The hotel regulations refer to all guest staying within the Benefis Hotel equally.
  3. The regulations are available for an insight at the reception of the hotel and in every hotel room.

§ 2 Day and Night of the Hotel

  1. The hotel rooms are let on 24 hour basis.
  2. Check-in time begins at 2 p.m. and finishes at noon the following day.
  3. If the guest does not specify the time of his stay at the hotel upon check-in, the guest will be charge for one day.
  4. A request to extend the stay beyond the time indicated by the guest should be expressed so fast as possibile.
  5. The hotel will consider any request to extend the stay depending on room availbility and if the guest hasn’t infringed the terms of the contract so far.

§ 3 Check-in at the Hotel

  1. The guest are checked-in on the basis of submitting a ID-card or any document with photography on and signing up the check-in card
  2. The staff of the hotel might refuse to accommodate the guest if he infringed in grossly way the terms of the contract during the last stay at the hotel, in particular, by doing damage to belongings of the hotel or other guests; by causing harm to any of the guests, any of the members of the staff, or the
    other people staying at the hotel.
  3. Other, not checked-in visitiors are not allowed to stay in the room between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. the following day.

§ 4 Services

  1. The hotel provides services according to the category and to the standard that has been classified. In case on any complaint regarding quality of service, the guest is kindly requested to notify the reception staff as soon as possibile, so that the hotel can react immediately.
  2. The hotel is committed to ensure:
    1. Professional and polite attendance within the scope of all provided services
    2. Peaceful and undisturbed rest for all guests.
    3. Safe stay including secure data protection for all guests personal details
    4. Room cleaning and carrying out of essential repairs to equipment only when the guest is absynt if possibile. Otherwise in his presence but only on request.
    5. Safe and correct functioning of all equipment.
  3. On request the hotel provides the following free of charge services:
    1. Information related to stay or travel
    2. Wake-up service
    3. Money and valuables storage; In case of loss or damage to valuable items not deposited in the reception safe box limits the hotels responsibility to the agrement with the Justice Ministry’s Decree issued on 24 of July 1998 /Dz. U. nr 117, poz. 758/
    4. Luggage storage; The hotel may not accept luggage into storage other than the guest’s during the
      period of stay.

§ 5 Stay at the Hotel

  1. Quiteness in the hotel is expected from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. the following day
  2. Guests are requested not to disturb other guests when using the hotel services and equipment. The hotel may refuse to provide any further services to a person who infringes that principle. A request to use the hotel at some future date may then be refused
  3. A hotel guest cannot transfer a room to another person even if the room payment has not expired.
  4. A hotel guest should inform the hotel reception immediately after the damage has been noticed
  5. A hotel takes on responsibility for the loss or damage to belogings carried in by guests only to the extent defined in the provisions in article 846-852 of the Polish Civil Codex.

§ 6 Guest responsibility

  1. When leaving a room all guests should make sure that the door is locked properly.
  2. Children below twelve years old should be in the constant custody of legal custodians. Legal custodians are responsible for all damaged caused by children.
  3. A hotel guest is responsible for any harm did to the hotel or its equipment by himself or any of his visitors. The hotel reserves the right to debit a guest’s account with an adequated sum for damage caused by him after his departure.
  4. For fire secure reasons, the smoking is not allowed throughout the hotel under penalty of fine 100 zlotys for each case notified by hotel staff. Furthermore, the using of electric heaters, flat irons and similar items not belonging to the hotel room equipment is not allowed.
  5. Smoking or using free fire might turn on the fire-alarm; in consequence the guest’s account will be debited with a sum 500 zlotys for unjustifiable calling in the fire brigade.
  6. For fire safety reasons we request to close the door that separates lounges from staircase

§ 7 Personal data protection

  1. The Controller of personal data of Benefis Hotel guests is Firma Budowlana Stambud Małgorzata Mróz, Stanisław Mróz Sp. Jawna based in Krakow, ul. Barska 2, entered in the register of businesses of the National Court Register by the District Court for Krakow-Śródmieście in Krakow, 11th Commercial Division of the National Court Register with the number 0000107294 (hereinafter: Hotel).
  2. The purpose of personal data processing by the Hotel is to enter into and perform a hotel services agreement. Furthermore, other purposes of personal data processing by the Hotel are as follows:
    1. pursuing potential claims by the Hotel in relation to damage caused by the guest to the Hotel or
      defence of guest's claims against the Hotel,
    2. documented performance of services for tax purposes,
    3. guarantee of the highest quality of services for hotel guests. In the event the guest has consented to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes, the Hotel processes personal data for this purpose, i.e. in order to send marketing information and offers on products and services to the guest. Furthermore, the Hotel processes personal data of guests gathered by the hotel's monitoring system for the purpose of guaranteeing the safety of hotel guests and other persons who stay at the Hotel.
    The legal basis of the processing of guest's personal data obtained by the Hotel is the agreement on the provision of hotel services. The legal basis of the processing of guest's personal data used for marketing purposes is the guest's consent. The hotel informs that the consent may be withdrawn at any time. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the value of processing which occurred prior to the withdrawal of consent. The legal basis of the processing of guest's personal data by the monitoring system is the protection of the guest's vital interests and vital interests of other natural persons, and justified objective of the controller. The legal basis of the processing of guest's personal data in order to ensure the highest quality of services to hotel guests is the justified objective of the controller.
  3. The hotel transfers personal data to the following categories of entities:
    1. companies that provide IT support services to the hotel and software
    2. accounting companies that render accounting services
    3. transportation and taxi companies if the guest has ordered transportation or shipment
    4. law firms that render legal advisory and legal representation services.
  4. Period of personal data processing:
    1. obtained in relation to the concluded agreement on hotel services shall be processed for the limitation period of tax claims or civil law claims of the Hotel or guest, depending on which happens later,
    2. obtained based on the consent for marketing purposes shall be processed for the validity period of the consent for marketing purposes,
    3. obtained in relation to monitoring shall be processed for 14 days of the date of recording and then shall be permanently deleted.
  5. Each guest shall have a right to access personal data, to correct it, delete or restrict its processing. Furthermore, each guest shall have a right to raise an objection to processing. Access to data is only possible at the Hotel. Additionally, the Hotel uses the following address ochronadanych@hotelbenefis.pl for contacts concerning personal data.
  6. Each guest has a right to file a complaint with a supervisory body, i.e. the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data, ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warszawa.
  7. The hotel does not intend to transfer personal data outside the EEA.
  8. The provision of personal data such as first and last name, and address of residence is a requirement for the conclusion of a hotel services agreement. If personal data is not given, it will make it impossible for the hotel to conclude a hotel services agreement.
  9. The hotel does not make automated decisions based on personal data; this includes no profiling.

§ 8 Sending back left belongings

  1. Any personal belongings left by a guest in the hotel room will be sent at his expense to the indicated address. If such instruction has not been given, the hotel will be storing mentioned items for a period of 6 months.

The Hotel Management wish you a nice stay in Cracow and invite you to visit the Benefis Hotel again
Cracow, 01.05.2018


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